Holidays in Anthem

Happy Holidays, Christmas and New Years to all. The holidays in Anthem are a festive time. There are so many people who share the holiday spirit from giving gifts and meals to those less fortunate, and sharing the spirit with decorating their homes and the community. Want to see some of the best lighting in […]

Anthem Country Club Fall 2012

Welcome to the Fall 2012 season and a beautiful time of year here for those of us who live here. Our weather here now consists of beautiful sunny days with very comfortable temperatures with nice and cool mornings and evenings. Great opportunity to get out and enjoy Arizona! There are some changes and updates happening […]

Anthem Storm Update

Recall the storm a few months ago (July 31st) that hit the Anthem area? Well we are still working through the repair of the community areas. Total cost allocated thus far is $650,000. The community is hoping to get insurance relief for most of it. That figure is not the final tally for the Community […]

Anthem September 2012 Update

During the month of September, 2012 Anthem closed homes were about the same pace as in 2011, showing some stability in the market for that time of year. Last year in Anthem Parkside 57 homes closed and this year 53. In Anthem Country Club, 19 closed in 2011, and 14 this year. For Anthem Parkside […]

Anthem Fall Update

Now that it has cooled off it’s time for those of you who has a traditional lawn to over seed. If you have a front lawn, HOA rules that you must over seed. Rye grass, the grass that grows here in the winter, germinates best when night temperatures are in the 70’s and last week […]

Anthem Revises Design Guidelines

The Anthem Lifestyle Enhancement Committee in the process of updating the design guidelines for the community. They are going to recommend to the ACCCA Board for the October 18th meeting and final approval for the Anthem Community Council’s November meeting. These changes will impact lighting, stone, screen doors, driveways, paint, and garage doors.

Anthem supports renewable energy

Anthem Community Council has an ambitious goal: to have at least 5% of the homes in the community to have either solar electric and/or solar hot water systems installed by the year 2015! There is a Solar Coach for no charge who will help prospective clients evaluate the costs and benefits of going solar. The […]

Anthem Home Sales late summer 2012

Typically once the school year starts here in Phoenix the home viewing activity slows down from about a few weeks before Labor Day till about early October. This year is no different. I have talked with many local realtors who became accustomed to the “hyper activity” of the past six months and were wondering what […]

Anthem home update for August 2012.

Currently as of September there are 140 homes active with 51 offers at the bank (AWC), 105 Pending, and 94 homes closed for the month of August. The home sold price had a high of 480,000, low of 125,900 and an average or 246,105 for all of Anthem home sales in the month of August. […]

Anthem Schools surpass enrollment expectations

The 2013-2014 school year in Anthem starts with a bang! Larger than expected enrollment at all of the Anthem schools has most of the classrooms at or near capacity. The Deer Valley Schools in Anthem are doing well in terms of number of students enrolled. Boulder Creek for example was anticipating about 2400 students for […]