Anthem Spring 2014

It’s now March and the year has flown by so far.  Spring time here in the Anthem area comes with beautiful weather and lots of new growth in the plants.  This winter, an very warm one for us was not really very cold so most of the plants here do not have to recover form the typical frost damage we experienced in the past several winters.  While the rest of the country froze we remained mild for the most part.  This fall, Anthem will experience it’s 15th year anniversary.  Lots of fun things planned for the fall so be sure to check out the web page  for updates and schedule of events.

Our real estate market in Anthem is not our typical spring.  Homes are selling but the market is luke warm.  Rentals are moving at a crisp pace.  Our home prices here in Anthem and for most of the North Phoenix area have slowed their increase of the past two years.  Looks like we are taking a breather in price increases.  Our inventory is up so a good time to be a buyer.