Anthem and North Phoenix Update August 2013

With the start of the new school year for the Deer Valley Schools occurring this past week the end to summer is here despite the temperatures telling us otherwise.  No official numbers are available yet, but most of the schools in the North Valley area are experiencing an increase in enrollment.  Boulder Creek and Sandra Day O’Connor are the largest two high schools in the district.  That’s a change from a few years ago where both were the new kids in the district.  The K-8 schools in the North Valley are also reporting many more kids than ended the school year in May.

All of the increases in the North Valley schools is another sign that the real estate market has changed.  Inventory is down in this area and as homes come on the market they are getting lots of viewings and offers quickly.  In turn prices are going up.  I know many buyers are upset that the inventory is low and prices are up.   However, there is some good from this increase of prices.  It is causing people who bought in 2004-2007 to think about selling.  No scientific research on this but I and many other believe lots of the homes for sale over the past few years were sold not too long ago as well.  The same homes being bought and sold a few years later.   But now we are starting to see “different” homes on the market.  Ones that have not been out there for some time. It has been awhile since those people could get their heads above water and move on.  It has been nine years for some, and lives change and now have different family situations.  For example, we are almost empty nesters and do we need six bedrooms, and 4 1/2 baths?  Not really, but we did not want to sell at a loss and in no way were we going to walk.  Three kids are in college and one will be in less than a year!   As the prices are coming back, it is looking better and better for us to downsize and we are not alone.  In turn, this will put into play different homes into the market.  Many of these homes have not been on the market for a long time.    So there is some good to come from the increase in pricing.  Also, the increase is still below what it would take to rebuild, or build a new home today, so value is still there!