Anthem Club and Overall Market Update


The Anthem Club HOA is planning on several upgrades in our community this spring and summer.  The Anthem Ridge gate will be receiving a new facelift.  The median will be wider and re-landscaped.  The reason for this is to make the driving entrance and exit lanes narrower.  This is an attempt to discourage and prevent cars from doubling up upon entering, or to enter through the exit.  Warning if a person does cause any damage at the gates the first fine now is $150 plus any expenses for repair, and the second is $500 plus expenses and legal action if necessary……

Other projects will be refurbishing of the monument signs, and some mail box units.  Road maintenance throughout and resurfacing of Anthem Ridge and Anthem Hills Roads.

They are also reviewing placement of current and future stop signs, and bench placements.  The new security staff, Trident will be using new technology for monitoring traffic looking at speeding and failure to stop at appropriate intersections.

The market for the Phoenix area as to regards to distressed sales is way down.  Last month 72% of sales were traditional ones.  Distressed sales are those which are bank owned or short sales.  The 72% mark is the highest since 2007.  The future look for distressed sales is even brighter, so if you are on sitting on the fence as to when to buy, you might consider now to make the move.

On a final note for this blog regarding Anthem  Club specifically, be sure to keep abreast of current issues at the web site and for the club specific check out the HOA section.