Spring Arrives in Anthem


It is officially spring time here in Anthem.  You can now wear bright colors and whites: Oh I forgot that is an old east coast tradition people here wear those things all year long!  But seriously, it is time to get your home ready for the upcoming heat!  Many insects who hibernate during the cold months are now coming out.  Same can be said for the snakes too.  Beware of your feet and hands, especially if you are doing yard work cleaning up from the winter.  Many baby snakes don’t rattle at this time of the year if they are from the rattlesnake family.  In May, Anthem will feature music in the park on Friday evenings.  A great family and company activity.

With spring comes sports at the local schools.  The K-8’s have baseball and softball going on.  At Anthem Boulder Creek High School we have softball, baseball, track and field, and boys volleyball.  As well as the first few days in May we will have a dance recital at the high school too.

Be sure to get out and take advantage of the great weather and all the nice things Anthem has to offer.