New additions to Anthem facilities on the way?

Ideas and plans for changes, additions, and improvements to the some of the parks, and outdoor facilities are in the works. This spring there are committees and public meeting occurring on some exciting changes to our wonderful facilities here in Anthem. Adding a dog park, increasing soccer fields and green space, adding racquetball facilities to the community center along with more exercise area, enlarging and improving the amphitheater, and adding horseshoe and bocce ball areas to several parks are some of the ideas out there at this time. Those are exciting additions here for the residents of the Anthem area. Currently the enhancement fund has more than 2.5 million to assist with the changes. These ideas are currently in the preliminary stages by the Anthem Community Council Board. Please check on the Anthem web site, for meeting and public forum times and dates. As always, the Anthem Community Council offers public input into plans it’s up to those who care to make appropriate arguments for or against the ideas. The Anthem Community Council should be commended on their openness and willingness to ask and listen for public input.