Anthem East v Anthem West, what’s the difference?

Often I am asked what is the difference between the Anthem East and Anthem West? Which side is better? To answer that fairly is very difficult. I feel I have a good grasp of both sides, but to be fair, you really need to live in one’s shoes to understand. I have been an Anthem resident since November 11, 1999 and lived only on the east side. So with that, I can give the differences I hear from residents and what I know as factual, but to be fair I have not lived on both sides so I could be biased. Please take that into consideration.

Anthem West is city of Phoenix garbage, water, and police services. Anthem East side is private water company EPCOR, Waste Management Garbage, and County Sheriff. Builders on the east side were mostly Del Web/Pulte, with the exception of some Centex homes and the condos. West side had Hacienda, Engle, US Homes, and Lennar. The community center and the recreational facilities are on the east side. There are some additional small parks and greenbelt areas on both sides. There is one K-8 school on the west side and the east side has the high school and 3, K-8 schools.

Those are the visible differences when comparing Anthem East and Anthem West. As for which side is better to live on that really is a personal decision and preference. In reality just living in Anthem regardless of the side is just a great choice! Check it out and see why so many people love to call Anthem home!