Anthem Country Club Fall 2012

Welcome to the Fall 2012 season and a beautiful time of year here for those of us who live here. Our weather here now consists of beautiful sunny days with very comfortable temperatures with nice and cool mornings and evenings. Great opportunity to get out and enjoy Arizona! There are some changes and updates happening here in the club. We have a new security company, as of November 15th. Trident Security takes over manning the gates and our security team. Those of you who have Safeguard home security, there will be no change or impact on that segment. Phone numbers will be the same to call the guard gates, only new personnel. As of the first of November homeowners can submit the new paint schemes to the committee for approval. The new home design guidelines will take place in December. Warning, do not start your project without approval or you could be subject to a fine! To check on the new guidelines you can go to the office or view them at . Then to the tabs: Homeowners Association> Country Club> Design Guidelines.