Anthem September 2012 Update

During the month of September, 2012 Anthem closed homes were about the same pace as in 2011, showing some stability in the market for that time of year. Last year in Anthem Parkside 57 homes closed and this year 53. In Anthem Country Club, 19 closed in 2011, and 14 this year.
For Anthem Parkside the closed homes this September ranged from 49.46 a square foot to 127.30, with an average of 96 dollars. Last year the average was 80.83 dollars a square foot.
In Anthem country Club, the range was 96.64 to 178.57, with an average of 125.30 for this September, and 109.73 for September 2011.
In both communities the price per square foot went up more than 14 percent over the same period last year. Currently there are 114 Active, 40 AWC, and 67 homes pending in Parkside. In the Club, there are 61 active, 9 AWC, and 25 pending. As our winter visitors and residents start to return, the listings are increasing and so should the activity. The MLS box activity for the past few weeks has been declining some, so we hope that is temporary, while the weather cools.