Anthem Home Sales late summer 2012

Typically once the school year starts here in Phoenix the home viewing activity slows down from about a few weeks before Labor Day till about early October. This year is no different. I have talked with many local realtors who became accustomed to the “hyper activity” of the past six months and were wondering what happened? Then when they talked to others in the field they realized that this is a normal slow down time, before the cooler visitors and residents return, and life gets back to the “normal” phase as it can be. My listings activity and home showings have slowed down too and I have to remind myself and my owners that this is typical. Good thing I have others to be sure I am not missing the boat! We do know one thing that the Anthem market has been hot for a while and everything that gets hot will cool down eventually. Our schools are busting at the seams and that is evident people are not leaving but staying around. Anthem golf courses are gearing up for over seeding and then ready for the busy season. Golf play has started to pick up a bit and will continue for the next seven months.