Anthem home update for August 2012.

Currently as of September there are 140 homes active with 51 offers at the bank (AWC), 105 Pending, and 94 homes closed for the month of August. The home sold price had a high of 480,000, low of 125,900 and an average or 246,105 for all of Anthem home sales in the month of August. That equates to a price of square feet range between 61.27 to 161.18 with an average of 101.05.
In the Club only there are 54 active, 13 AWC, 21 pending and 20 closed in August. The prices sold were 199,500 to 480,000 with an average of 328,076. Price per square foot was 90.23 to 161.18 with an average of 118.78.
In Parkside there are 86 homes active, 38 AWC, 84 pending, and 74 homes sold in the month of August. The prices ranged between 125,000 to 435,000 with an average of 222,744. The square foot range was 61.27 to 132.07 with an average of 96.37.
The market in Anthem has slowed down a bit in August and into the early part of September. This is typical of this time of the year and the lull before the winter visitors, and the heat and humidity subsides bringing out more people looking for a new home.