Anthem Schools surpass enrollment expectations

The 2013-2014 school year in Anthem starts with a bang! Larger than expected enrollment at all of the Anthem schools has most of the classrooms at or near capacity. The Deer Valley Schools in Anthem are doing well in terms of number of students enrolled. Boulder Creek for example was anticipating about 2400 students for the fall semester. On the first day over 2500 students showed up. Enrollment numbers for the k-8 schools are not out yet.
The increased enrollment at the schools is further evidence of the strong housing market in the Anthem area is strong and many homes are being filled with families. A good sign the market here is rebounding and with the original plan of the community of Anthem to be a place with strong community ties. If you are new to Anthem welcome and this is a nice place to live. If you are a veteran to the area, isn’t it nice to see most of the homes being occupied and cared for once again!