Anthem Storm

On Tuesday, July 31st the Anthem community was hit with a severe monsoon storm with extreme wind burst which by some accounts brought 1 ½ to 2 inches of rain in less than 40 minutes. That caused flooding and lots of damage to some of the area. Washes were flowing, trees were uprooted, mud flowed into streets and damage to business and homes occurred. As with tradition in the Anthem community and in our country, businesses and volunteers picked up the spirit and people are working together to help one another out. Free tree removal will be provided by Valley Crest Landscaping Services through August 6th. Republic Waste Services will provide free bulk pick up on August 7th and 10th. This was an unusual storm. Having lived here for almost 12 years, I have never seen anything close to resembling this kind of a storm. Amazingly only a few miles away there was no measurable rain.