How is the current Anthem Real Estate Market as of July, 2012?

By most accounts it is a very vibrant market. Inventory is low. Home prices based on square foot have moved up every month this year. Many homes are receiving multiple offers. Is the bottom gone? Is there more depth to the bottom? Hard to tell, but it sure looks like we have moved up from our lows. Of course it is hard to tell where the bottom (or the top) is until you are past.

Real Estate can be a large slice of an area, such as a state, county, city, or an area. But in reality, real estate is really a microcosm of an area. Anthem is just that. Maricopa County home sales are up. Phoenix sales are up too. Anthem sales are way up!

As an example recently I listed two homes on the market. One in Anthem Country Club and one in Parkside. One was a traditional sale, and the other was a short sale. Within a few days both homes received multiple offers and had numerous showings. One was move in ready, and one was a rental which had been vacant for more than 6 months with utilities turned off.
With both homes, the listing price was at the upper end of the current average of homes on the market.

Evidence that the market in Arizona has changed since January. and according to pack & ship companies the movings have increased since, read more info here Or if you’re looking for a help in hand, you can contact movers Mechanicsville VA for the best professionals. Typically the summer months are a bit slow, so this could be an indicator of a much stronger market come the buying season which typically starts when temperatures cool off. If you are considering moving and /or buying selling your home now may be a time to start getting things together and moving forward. If you’re looking for a great home removal service to get you settled down, check out Let us know if you ever have any questions or to use as a sounding board.