Review of the Anthem home market for June 2012.

In June 107 homes sold in all of Anthem, with 37 in the Club and 70 in Parkside. Currently in the Anthem market there are 128 active homes for both communities. The range of SOLD homes all of Anthem in the month of June was 61.27 to 157.39 with an overall average of 103.62 per square foot.

Currently in the Anthem Country Club there are 47 ACTIVE homes, 17 AWC (offers with contingencies- at the bank), and 30 PENDING homes. The homes SOLD in June were ranged between 98.66 to 157.39, with an average price of 123.58 per square foot in the Club.

Parkside the range of homes SOLD was 61.27 to 145.97 with an average price per square foot of 92.92 for June. There are currently 78 ACTIVE homes in Parkside, with 58 AWC, and 70 PENDING homes.

The market in Anthem has become very tight in the past few months, with home prices moving up and the condition of the homes on the market have improved dramatically from what we saw in the past. Good news for those looking to sell, and for those looking to buy, if you see a home you like, best to make a decision quickly.

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