Comparing Anthem May 2011 and May 2012

119 homes sold last year.  Overall range per square foot was $53.02 to $166.35 with an average of $90.31.

Parkside had 79 homes sold, $53.02 to $113.74 and average of $79.38.

Club sold 40 homes in a range of $80.63 to $166.35 and average of $111.90 per square foot.


May 2012

Overall 113 homes sold in May 2012 ranging between $53.98 to $161.46 average of $101.14 per square foot.

Parkside sold 78 homes with the range of $53.98 to $134.15 and average of $92.10.

Club sold 35 homes ranging between $99.59 to $161.46, averaging $120.91 per square foot.


This results of an increase of $9.01 per square foot in the club, Parkside increase of $12.72 and an overall Anthem increase of $10.83 per square foot.  About the same number of homes sold, price per square foot has increased on average of about 12% in all of the Anthem area from last year.
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