Anthem Community is very supportive

You are considering purchasing a home in Anthem and I believe the community is a special place.  Why do I believe so?  Let me share with you some reasons.  No community is immune from tragedy, and Anthem is no exception.  However, the reaction of its citizens really makes a place a HOME!  Here is a recent example of a recent tragic event and how the community came together.  On January 8th, a sheriff Deputy was shot and killed when responding to a call at the local medical center.  Since then, the Anthem Community has had several activities to support the surviving family members.  This link will contain samples of what the community did and is doing.

This was not the first time the community has banded together to help a resident.  There were several community events to help a young girl who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few months ago when it was discovered the family just lost their health insurance due to the economy. 

This link will give you updates on community events and the overall community:

 If you’d like you can also sign up for the community watch email too:

 Those are some of the many reasons Anthem is a very nice place to live. Please let me know if you have questions or would like more information on anything about the area.